Sumat-RUM, Barrel-Aged Coffee, Dark Roast

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This coffee is a FAIR TRADE, RAIN FOREST ALLIANCE, CERTIFIED ORGANIC aged in a rum barrel to a perfect balance of flavor.

We have built a relationship with a local craft distillery and acquire their used rum barrels for the aging process. The green coffee we use is from the Permata Gayo Cooperative in Sumatra, Indonesia.  This organic variety has a very nice clean delivery with a slight earthy tone. On its own this Sumatran has a well balanced flavor, smooth medium body and a sweet winey acidity with plums. But with the added aging in the rum barrel it has picked up slight apple-wood aroma and a sweet raw sugar rum note.

Elevation: 4000 - 5200 ft

Process: Wet Washed - Semi Washed

Aroma: apple-wood, molasses aroma with brown spice tones.

Flavor Notes: sweet rum, cane sugar, dried fruit, spice

This product is certified organic and is produced under the guidelines of the Rainforest Alliance which promote sustainable agriculture practices and fair trade & wages among farmers and harvesters.

These bottles where produced in collaboration with Bartletts Distillery in Conroe, Tx. Check them out on the web or stop by and try some hand crafted mixed drinks and say hello to Van for me if you do.