Fresh Roasted Coffee Serving the Greater Lake Livingston Area

Roasted In Small Batches

Hand Crafted Flavor Profiles

We Specialize in Single Origin Coffee

This is coffee that is grown within a single known geographic origin, meaning a single farm. The name of the coffee is usually the place it was grown or variety of coffee plant. This allows for the unique flavors of those particular regions and varieties of coffee to shine through. We offer 9 different origins of coffee from Africa, Indonesia, Central & South America.

Our Story

What started as an epiphany, a realization that you could actually roast your own coffee (in an, ahem, popcorn popper) has grown into a love for the freshness and wealth of flavor extracted from a simple seed. Little did we know our passion would grow and spill out into our local community! Our mission is to provide a fresh, local coffee source for the friends and neighbors of our little corner of the world, from coffee farms across the globe.

With a little more research and thirst for even better brews, we moved up to a small Kaldi stove top roaster and soon caught a rhythm to roasting. Friends started trying the beans, and we started to spend hours developing roast of different origins and flavors. After many hours of “okay” roasting, we began to get the itch for better control and to broaden our taste horizons!

In 2019, we finally took the plunge, diving into the professional coffee world with our Mill City Roaster! Thanks to the encouragement of family and friends we were able to launch the business of making “GOOD” coffee. We are so excited to share our love for the art of making that great cup and invite you to come along on the journey! We plan to be involved in community events, share tips, and to ELEVATE coffee knowledge in our area. Our heart is to make an art form of coffee for your enjoyment!

“Some people drink coffee to get through the day, others get through the day to drink good coffee.” -Therese Brøndsted (Coffee Roasting Navigated podcast)