Decaf Mexico (Organic) - Altos De Chiapas

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This coffee is an CERTIFIED ORGANIC, DECAFFIENATED offering from Altos De Chiapas in southern Mexico. This organic variety has a smooth medium body with and a sweet brown sugar & pipe tobacco aroma with cola like acidity, molasses and cocoa notes.

Elevation: 4000 - 5000 ft

Process: Washed, Mountain Water Decaffeination

Aroma: sweet brown sugar and molasses aroma with pipe tobacco

Flavor Notes: cola, molasses, cocoa powder


Mountain Water Process is a method of indirect decaffeination which uses pure water from Pico de Orizaba—the highest mountain in Mexico. The process begins with a chemical analysis to determine optimal conditions, and then the beans are steamed and prepared for extraction. The extraction process uses a water-based saturated solution that removes the caffeine while keeping the coffee's flavor compounds in place.