Sumat-RUM, Barrel-Aged Coffee, Dark Roast

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This coffee is a FAIR TRADE, RAIN FOREST ALLIANCE, CERTIFIED ORGANIC aged in a rum barrel to a perfect balance of flavor. This green coffee offering is from the Permata Gayo Cooperative in Sumatra, Indonesia.  This organic variety has a very nice clean delivery with a slight earthy tone. This Sumatran has a well balanced flavor, smooth medium body and a sweet winey acidity with plums.

Elevation: 4000 - 5200 ft

Process: Wet Washed - Semi Washed

Aroma: rum barrel, molasses aroma with brown spice tones.

Flavor Notes: sweet rum, cane sugar, dried fruit, spice

This product is certified organic and is produced under the guidelines of the Rainforest Alliance which promote sustainable agriculture practices and fair trade & wages among farmers and harvesters.