Guatemala, Nueva Granada Geisha - 12 oz bag

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This is an exclusive geisha coffee that has origins in Africa but is grown at Finca Nueva Granada in San Marcos, Guatemala. We roast this offering to a very light color so it keeps its unique notes of flavor along with keeping it as whole beans to seal the flavor inside until you grind it to your preference.

Elevation: 4200 - 5000 ft

Process: Honey Process

Flavor Notes: bergamot, berry, stone fruit, watermelon


Notes from the farm: Finca Nueva Granada

Located in San Marcos
San Marcos is a department in northwestern Guatemala, on the Pacific Ocean and along the western Guatemala-Mexico border. The climate is very variable within the department, due to the dramatic differences in altitude

Geisha Coffee
Geisha is a variety originating from Ethiopia and that was produced in Guatemala a long time ago but it was left aside because it the yields were not interesting from a grower’s point of view. This variety only produces about a fifth of what normal, modern variety coffee tree produces. Recent prices paid for this variety make up for the additional costs so there are several farms producing this variety again in small
volumes. In Guatemala it is regarded Bourbon as it is considered and original strain of Arabica not crossed with other varieties. The Geisha coffee plant is easily recognizable as it has sparse branches that point upward. The cup has a distinctive floral, bergamot taste characteristic. Some people prefer it to be pulped and dried calling it Honey Geisha.
The muselage has been left intact as though it were a natural. We will do it this way as well but on order only. but not everyone prefers it so we still produce the majority of this coffee in the traditional washed process. The coffee is planted at 4,200-5,000 ft.
Most of the Geisha produced on Nueva Granada is currently sold to Japan, in the future the farm hopes to produce about 150 bags for sale and expand its customer base globally.